Restoring Garden of Eden, power of family, raising children

The purpose of this page is to introduce a healing, future-shaping, kind woman with extraordinary abilities and to present her suggestions and teachings.


She lives alone in the Siberian taiga, as a hermit in a forest clearing. True to their celtic, druid family traditions, from her infancy, nature protected and raised her where she was born, at the Space of Love she received from her parents and Nature taught her all her abilities. Her parents and family, like to all other people, gave her the respect, patience and freedom due to a person with developed divine abilities. Her grandfather and great-grandfather sometimes guided her development with questions, so that she was only asked a new question if she managed to answer the previous one. Her actions and thoughts were never criticized or corrected.

Among other things, Anastasia is able to see the events currently taking place on Earth, remember events that happened thousands of years ago, see possible future events, see people's lives and perceive their feelings. She is able to heal anyone on Earth, she gives helpful suggestions to her beloved gardeners on how to grow helpful and healing fruits and plants. She can not only see and perceive a distant place with her thought ray, but she can also move her body there. She is able to answer any question in any discipline within a short period of time and to present it according to the current communication language and give a conclusion.

Her purpose is to help people by showing them how they can live in harmony with Nature, how they can awaken their own divine abilities, and how they can raise their children in such a way that their divine abilities can develop naturally.

Her suggestions and teachings

Her suggestions and teachings are interpreted in books written by Vladimir Megre, a pragmatic Russian man who only believes in experienced certainty. The text of the books has an extremely beneficial effect, is soul-cleansing, uplifting and can even be read easily for children, or even be read aloud as a fairy tale. It is worth reading only one or two chapters at a time so that there is still something to read for later :-) Of the ten books published so far, perhaps the fourth, "Co-creation", is worth to get acquainted with first. Anastasia's suggestions will be presented here based on quotes from this book.

Anastasia is always very kind and understanding, and has an intimate relationship with God. She always talks about God, Nature, man and man's possibilities with great enthusiasm. Her creation myth is beautiful.

“I will tell you about Creation, Vladimir, because then everyone will be able to answer their own questions. Please, Vladimir, listen and write about the Creation of the Mighty Creator! Listen and with your soul try to understand the Aspirations of the Divine Desire!”
God is the only one who can bring all energies into unity and can create by harmonising energies.
“- What can you call yourself?
- To God. I can absorb all of your energy. I can hold them all firmly! I Create! Creation brings joy to the entire Universe! ”
God created man in his own image and likeness.
“Man does not only feel the Universe with his body. His thought, which he received from God, creates. Only human thought can create other worlds or change existing ones.”
In the early days, man's gaze and the warmth of his soul were much stronger.
“Adam ran his fingers into the lion's mane, looked at and touched the claws of the huge paw, felt the white blinding teeth with his hands and smiled when the lion purred with beauty.”
People can maintain their health by living a healthy lifestyle and have the opportunity to return to their original eternal life.
“Man shortens his life with his actions in seconds, and he invented death for himself.”
Turning to God with the "Our Father" prayer shows a person's lack of awareness.
“- Vladimir, God gave all the food to his sons and daughters even before they were born. Just look around! Everything is ready for you. A loving parent forgives all his children's sins without asking and He has no intention of tempting anyone. The Father has placed in everyone the ability to resist the temptations of the evil one. Why do you insult the Father by not knowing about what has already been accomplished? His eternal gifts are all around you. What else could a loving parent, who has already given everything to His child, give?”
A loving, living prayer truly addressed to God makes both the Father, the person praying, and the entire Universe happy.
“Anastasia stood up, spread her arms, turned away from me and said the first words. The words of the prayer are simple, but suddenly everything in me seemed to shake. She said it like we don't say a prayer. She said it was like when people turn to someone close to them, a dear loved one, a member of the family. The manner of her presentation had all the nuances of a live relationship. The passion, the joy, the determined enthusiasm and it was as if He was there too, to whom Anastasia turned with a burning voice:
   My Father, Who exists everywhere!
By taking into account the true needs of plants, they can bear more vital fruit.
“- But why are they so tasty? Is this something new?
- Common kind. It differs from the garden ones because when they grew, they got everything they needed. Under the conditions of the garden, when people try to separate the plants from each other and protect them from coming into contact with other species, when they speed up their growth with manure, the plants cannot take in everything that is essential and necessary for them to become so independent that their joy let the people be filled with them.”
One must understand one's own illness and thereby learn to restore the healthy balance of one's energies. However, asking for help to understand and learn is free and often beneficial.
“- You said you wouldn't heal me anymore, but you didn't even take away my pain.
- I won't take your pain away from you anymore. Pain is God's dialogue with man.”
Every person and family must have their own piece of land, which only belongs to them, which only feeds, protects, heals and teaches them.
“I remember that to the question of what should be done to ensure that there is no interplanetary or terrestrial war, no gangsters and that children are born healthy and happy, Anastasia answered:
- This is what you should advise, Vladimir, to all people: "Take back your motherland, people!"”
Heaven does not come after life, but you get there in your living body. God is the God of the living.
“- I want to revive the image of God for people. To make His great Desire understandable to everyone. His efforts guided by His Love can be felt by everyone who lives. A person can become happy today, here and now, in this life. The children of men today will all live in His Garden of Eden. I'm not alone. You're not alone. The Garden of Eden will be the result of joint creation.”
A small forest, a vegetable garden, a house, animals and even a small lake can fit in the Space of Love outlined by Anastasia.
“- But if, in the end, everything turns out the way you planned it on the plot and the person doesn't have to fertilize the land, fight pathogens with poisons, bother with the fence and everything just grows by itself, then what does the person have to do?
- To live in Paradise. As God intended. And the one who can build such a Paradise touches God's Thought and creates a new Creation together with Him.”
In the vision of the future, Anastasia showed that in the future school of the community, the children will not receive knowledge ready, but must discover it themselves and present what they have discovered to their parents.
“- Who was able to teach astronomy to these children at such a level that they could give an account of it to adults? - I asked Anastasia.
- Nobody. The children were all given the task of thinking about how everything is arranged, preparing for it and presenting their conclusions to the others.”
Anastasia's abilities seem extraordinary, but in fact, every person is given the opportunity to develop and use their own divine abilities.
“- What would she think about? - answered the grandfather. - She feels the information. She takes as much of it as she wants and when she needs it. The answer to all questions is in space, right next to us, you just need to know how to receive it and make it sound.”

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