The purpose of this page is to intoduce God in His own words.

In the early 1990s, Neale Donald Walsh, a simple American, went into a crisis of his personal life and asked God why all this was happening to him. To Neale's greatest shock, God responded to him as an inner voice and a dialogue began between them. The content of the conversations was written down by Neale, published in book form, and thus made it possible for everyone in the world to know God’s messages to the people of today.

A movie was also made about Neale's life.

Quotes from Neale Donald Walsh's 730-page book "Conversations with God", translated from Hungarian:

Who is God talking to?
“I talk to everyone, all the time.

It is not a question of who I am talking to, but who hears Me.”
How does God talk?
“My messages most often come through emotions, through feelings.

Feelings, emotions are the language of the soul.

I also communicate through thoughts and through experience.”
How does one know that it is really God who speaks to him?
“Mine is always the most sublime thought, your brightest word, your greatest feeling.

What is less comes from another source.

Now even the novice disciple cannot have difficulty with the task.

He just has to identify the highest, the brightest, and the greatest.

But I give a few more guidelines.

The highest thought always contains joy.

The brightest words always contain truth.

And the greatest feeling is what you call love.

Joy, truth, love.

These are three interchangeable and one always leads to the other.

It does not matter in what order they come: joy, truth, love.

With this guideline, you can determine at any time which message is Mine and which is from another source.”
Do God's messages reach people?
“Most of My messages were ignored.

Not for some, because it looks too good to be true.

Not to others because you think it would be hard to follow them.

Many people misunderstand Me.

And most of them don't even get to you.”
What does begging to God cause?
“It won't be yours for what you beg for, nor what you want.

Because it is your request that fixes the lack and if you say what you are longing for, you are creating exactly that experience, that is, the will, in your reality.”
So how do we achieve what we want?
“So the right prayer is never a begging prayer, but a prayer of thanksgiving.

If you thank God in advance for what you have chosen to experience, whatever it is, you will ultimately acknowledge its existence.

Gratitude is thus the most powerful statement for God.

Confirmation that I gave the answer before you even asked.

So never beg.

Decide how to be, to make it so.”
Should we fear God's punishment?
“Surely you have forgotten what it is like to love unconditionally.

You don't remember the experience of God's love.

So you're trying to imagine what God's love should be based on how you see love in the world.

You project the role of parent to God and come up with a God who will judge, reward, or punish you, depending on how He judges your actions.

But this is an extremely simplistic and false image of God, which exists only in your imagination, in your common imagination, and has nothing to do with who I am.”
How do people build their world?
“Every human act is based on love or fear, and not just in your relationships.

All the decisions that determine business, industry, politics, religion, the upbringing of children, social order, economic goals,

choice between war and peace, attack and defense, subservience and raid,

the decision to crave or give, to greedy to collect or to share, to unite or to divide,

each of your decisions stems from one of the two thoughts.

From the thought of love or fear.”
What is love? What is fear?
“Fear is the energy that binds, closes, pulls back, hides, accumulates, harms.

Love is the energy that expands, opens, sends out, retains, reveals, shares, heals.

Fear wraps our bodies in clothes, love leaves us naked.

Fear clings convulsively to everything and insist on everything we have, while love gives everything.

Fear closes, love opens, fear grabs, love lets go, fear aches, love eases, fear attacks, love modifies.”
Can one create one's world based on something other than love and fear?
“All human thoughts, word and deed are based on one or the other emotion.

You have no other choice because there is nothing else to choose from.

However, you are free to choose between the two.

And that's not a small amount, believe me.”
When does man create his world?
“You are in the process of creation at every moment.

Every moment, every minute, every day.”
How does man create his world?
“For now, be it enough that you are a kind of creator 'machine' of great power.

And you literally create so quickly newer and newer realizations as you think of them.

Events, happenings, conditions, circumstances.

It all emerges from the consciousness.

Individual consciousness is very powerful.”
What kind of creation can all mankind do together?
“Think about what kind of creative energy is released, whenever two or more people gather in My name.

And crowd consciousness? It is certainly so powerful that it can create events and circumstances with worldwide consequences.”
Yet how much impact does humanity have on the universe?
“But it is true that events in the universe, some of them beyond all imagination, were inspired and created by you.

These events are created by the common consciousness of man.

The whole world together is kind of a co-creator and creates all these experiences.

What you do one by one vibrates in them, deciding what they mean to you and who you are in relation to them.”

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