Self-healing and healing others spiritually

This page is for those who believe in the creative power of thought and the natural spiritual, helping, healing power of man.
The page is designed for those who want to defeat the disease caused by the coronavirus with their own natural immune system, with their consciousness which see healing and health, and with their confidence in the true, original order of the world, but if they find themselves in a fierce and long-running battle with the disease, they would be happy to ask for spiritual telemedicine of their like-minded healthy fellow human beings.
The page is also designed for those who would be happy to help their fellow human beings in distress through spiritual healing.
Everyone uses the site at their own risk!
Every person is responsible for his own spiritual actions!
Every person is affected by his own spiritual action!
Healthy man
Maintaining health
Healing another person consciously
Healing another person half-consciously
Vitamin C
Healthy man
Maintaining health
Healing another person consciously
Healing another person half-consciously
Vitamin C
Healthy man
Maintaining health
Every person heals himself.
Anyone else can only help with healing, but healing is always done by oneself.
If a person is not a companion, not an active participant in his own healing, then outside help, even if lifted out of the disease, cannot keep the person healthy in the long run.
In case of a fracture, life-threatening condition or requiring immediate intervention, immediate ambulance and medical assistance is required!!!
To avoid immediate danger to life, the use of chemicals is also permitted.
Chemical, artificial substances change the delicate, coordinated, natural functioning of the body, so they must be eliminated from the body as soon as possible after the imminent threat to life.
It is necessary to gradually return from chemicals to natural herbs, vitamins, fruits and food, taking into account the signs, processes and functioning of the body.

Strengthening body
Enhancing mood
Strengthening consciousness
Follow healing and call for help
Healing another person consciously
All people are capable of self-healing.
Every person has the ability to heal other people.
There are many ways to heal, probably the most effective is the healing with eternal life.
However perhaps the simplest way will be presented here.
The essence of this healing is healing with love.
With the love that our mother raised us with, that she protected us, that she always took care of us.
With the love that our father taught, encouraged, gave strength, security, protection.
With the love with which we protect and teach our children and wish them the best.
With the love with which we think of our relatives and visit them.
With the love with which we look at the other person cheerfully, lightly, peacefully on the street.
With the love we take care of our plants and animals and we love if they are cheerful.

The course of healing:
  1. apply for permission to heal,
  2. preparation,
  3. connection to another person,
  4. love the other person :)
  5. farewell.
This healing is more effective the more people do it toward that person.
If only one person tries to lift another person, it will be difficult, but if more people stand around, then if everyone only lifts a little, they can already lift Him easily.
Furthermore, the stronger always can lift the weaker more easily, meaning the healthier can more easily heal the sick.
Healing with love does not require individuals to help their sick companion at the same time. The healing person is happy for every visitor who comes to him :)
Any man can heal any other person if he can connect with him, he knows Him.
Here, the method where the acquaintance is already given will be presented, so it is easy to connect with Him.
In this way, the sick person can be easily healed by his family, close and distant relatives, friends and acquaintances.
In most cases, a person thus has at least ten, but often many more, possible healers.
1. Apply for permission to heal
Let's simply talk to Him and offer our healing with love to Him :)
Once we have permission, healing can begin.
If He comes to us to help Him, be sure to help Him!
If, for any reason, He is unable to grant permission, He will be deemed to have granted permission.
2. Preparation
Let us tune in to good things, become cheerful, happy, joyful.
If necessary, recall pleasant, beautiful, cheerful, playful, sunny memories.
3. Connection
If we can meet Him in person, that’s the best thing to do, but it will be presented here when that doesn’t happen.
Simply think of Him, imagine Him in front of us, or maybe say Himself in ourselves that
"Hey XY! I am contacting with You, to heal You with love :)"
The connection can be made involuntarily at any time during the day, so let's take the opportunity to help, maybe that's when He needs it more.
4. To love the other person
What not to do   What to do
Let's not think of Him as sick. Let's think that now He is resting, getting stronger, healing.
Let's not see Him as sick. Let's see that now He is resting, getting stronger, healing.
Let's not be afraid of the disease. Let's know that illness teaches us to live, it helps, even if it involves momentary suffering.
Let's not be afraid. Let's be delighted, cheerful, full of love.
Let's not worry. Let's be optimistic. Let's know that this is now a test for both our healing companion and us who heal Him, and let us stand the test together.
Let's not think of the worst. Let's see our healing companion in the future completely healthy, cheerful, out in nature, playing.
Let's not be sad. Let's be delighted, cheerful, full of love.
Let's not recall old memories. Let's see our healing companion in the future, plan new, pleasant experiences together.
Let's not tell Him anything that might create fear in Him. Let’s tell Him funny, hilarious, just-happened family stories.
Let's not tell Him anything that might create worries in Him. We can tell Him that everyone in the family is working on their own duties and everything is moving forward in their own bed towards development.
Let's not tell Him anything that might make Him sad. Let's tell Him our new plans and ideas to make our own lives and the lives of others more beautiful.
Let's not tell Him bad news. Let's tell Him good, uplifting, cheerful news about life, nature, or development and success.
Let's not use words with an unpleasant mood. Let's use only pleasant words such as life, joy, love, cheerfulness, merriment, health, healing, recovery, development, knowledge, nature, plants, animals, winter, spring, autumn, summer, sunshine, bathing, play, vacation.
Let's not tell Him anything that might upset Him. Let's tell Him a reassuring, peaceful, or funny, cheerful story.
Let's have no doubt that we can help, heal. Let's smile :)
Let's grasp and fondly squeeze His hand in thought.
If our healing companion is a man, let us squeeze His hand masculine in thought.
Let's encourage Him in His healing.
Let’s wait Him back among the healthy people so we can play again, talk in person, walk and hike together.
Let's embrace Him in thought.
Let's wish Him freely all the beautiful, pleasant and good that we suspect or know that He loves.
5. Farewell
Simply say goodbye, for example, say to yourself,
"Dear XY! It was good to see you again :) I wish you a full recovery as soon as possible! :) Hi!"
"Dear XY! It was a pleasure to heal You with love :) I wish you a full recovery as soon as possible! :) Hi!"
Healing another person half-consciously
This method is even simpler from the previous one.
Ask for permission to heal and when you get it, simply eat a vitamin C pill every day for the healing of your companion.
Why this method is effective is best for everyone to discover it themselves.
Vitamin C
Available in a herbal store, cheap (around 4 €), lasting up to one year, 250 grams, ie a total of 250000 mg, packed in a paper+plastic bag (1) (2), white crystalline (salt-like) powder, can be dispensed on demand, and called "Ascorbic Acid".
It should be consumed in cold water or cold tea, as it decomposes over time in a liquid at a temperature of 40 °C.
Flavored with sugar or honey, it can be used to make a pleasant, refreshing lemonade :)