United Mankind

This page outlines a possible plan for recovering the common life of mankind on planet Earth.

The common way of life embodied in a jointly agreed plan can be brought to life by people with its proclamation.

1. About the plan
2. The points in the plan are based on God's answers in the book of "Conversations with God" by Neale Donald Walsh.
3. The book also includes global observations that underpin the principles of the plan and the expected consequences of the plan.
4. The plan is just a proposal from God to mankind.
5. According to Roland's suggestions, the plan has changed slightly compared to the one in the book.
6. United Mankind
7. It must be recognized that the nations of the Earth all belong to one unity, to mankind, and can live together in peace.
8. In addition to the common unity, the diversity of nations, the diversity and variety of life must be preserved.
9. Instead of the possibility of any withdrawal from unity at any time, each nation-state remains united, but it is not obligatory to heed the advice of unity.
10. United Mankind is not governed by the World Government, but by the Terra Council, which does not command, but only makes proposals for the unity of nation states, constantly examining the consequences of the decisions of each nation-state.
11. Terra Council
12. Part of it is the Nations Congress, where 2-2 people per nation represent their own nation.
13. Part of it is the People's Assembly, where each nation is represented in proportion to the number of people on the planet.
14. Instead of enacting laws for all the people of the United Mankind, the Terra Council only makes proposals for the unity of nation states.
15. Instead of directing a joint law enforcement organization, the Terra Council, based on the decisions of each nation-state, constantly presents new proposals to the nation-states in order to ensure the maintenance of unity, peace and the continuous development of all existing ones.
16. Each nation may have its own internal civil guard organization.
17. The choice of the name of the Terra Council carries with it the unity of mankind on Earth and foreshadows the possibility of cooperation with other organizations in the Universe.
18. Laws
19. The number of laws must be constantly reduced.
20. People need to be given back their own freedom.
21. Peace
22. All offensive armaments must be eliminated.
23. The cost of $ 1,000,000 per minute (1994 data) for offensive armaments should be redirected to achieve common goals.
24. Money
25. Instead of withdrawing all the money in the world and creating a common currency, the Credit, preserving the money of nations and creating money of Credit.
26. The conversion between Credit and the money of each nation can be made at any time at a given pre-fixed exchange rate.
27. The place and movement of new money must be completely transparent.
28. Everyone knows exactly how much money any person, company, institution has.
29. Every person knows exactly what any person, company, institution is spending their money on.
30. Donation
31. The donation rate for each person is 10% of their income.
32. Donation is not required.
33. United Mankind covers the maintenance of common life and common development through donations.
34. Human dignity
35. Every human being has the fundamental right to the basic food, clothing and housing of human dignity.
36. No one has to pay for the basic benefits of human dignity, it is covered by community donations.
37. Joyplace
38. All people are free to decide whether they want to live to a higher standard of living beyond basic benefits.
39. All people have an equal chance of earning extra income.
40. Every person can do a job he likes to do, he gets pleasure from it, he can develop in it.
41. Wealth equality
42. There is no wealth equality.
43. In order to maintain the diversity of society and life situations, the existence of wealth differences is favorable.
44. Wealth
45. There is a commonly agreed cap on annual income.
46. A suggested cap could be, for example, an annual income of $ 25,000,000 (1994 data).
47. Anyone whose income exceeds the upper limit must pay the portion above the upper limit as a donation for common purposes.
48. Everyone can pinpoint the use of 60% of their donation above the limit.
49. The area of use of 40% of the donation above the limit is determined by the World Government.
50. Religion
51. Instead of abolishing all religions, it must be possible for all men to know the Law of One, the existence of the One Creator God, the knowledge of life instead of faith, the recognition of the Divinity of man and the possibility of developing his Divine abilities through the development of his consciousness.
52. All religions are free to change and develop by learning new knowledge.
53. Each person is free to choose the most suitable path for his own development.
54. There are no Ten Commandments because I do not command Man.
55. But there are thoughts that if you recognize in your life, you know you are already in Heaven.
56. Heaven comes in man's life.
57. There is no hell.
58. But you create your life to hell, if you deny yourself, you deny Me.
59. There is no devil.
60. There is no damnation.
61. There is no punishment.
62. Spirituality
63. Every person should be given the opportunity to know the unity of his own soul, spirit, body.
64. Every person should be given the opportunity to know the laws of the Realm of Perfection (Absolute) and Relativity.
65. Every person should be given the opportunity to know his own unity with the Universe, other people, and God.
66. Every person should be given the opportunity to know that he is a created being.
67. Every person should be given the opportunity to know that he was created in the image and likeness of God.
68. Every person should be given the opportunity to know that he has literally Divine abilities.
69. Every person should be given the opportunity to know that he can become God and Goddess.
70. Every person should be given the opportunity to come into direct contact and cultivate a direct relationship with God.
71. God
72. I am Creator.
73. I passionately long for Creation.
74. I wanted to experience Who I Am, so I created from Himself Who I Am Not and created the Realm of Relativity where there is good and bad, above and below, hot and frosty.
75. I Am What Is and What Is Not.
76. I created Man and Woman for my own image and likeness.
77. A part of My own Spirit dwells in every human being.
78. I Am you all.
79. Your body is My Body.
80. Through all of you I experience Who I Am.
81. I don't punish anyone for anything.
82. I don't judge you.
83. I love you all infinitely.
84. Man
85. I created Man to be free.
86. Man is not obligated to obey anyone, not even God.
87. "Break etiquette."
88. Sexuality
89. Making love and sexuality is one of the most wonderful things in the world, so don't attach shame or guilt about it to yourself or to your children.
90. Don't be ashamed to say the names of your body parts and don't associate negative feelings with their names.
91. Raising children
92. Children should be brought up by a person with at least 40 to 50 years of life experience.
93. The birth of children is the responsibility of the young in their full health, but the upbringing of children belongs to the elderly.
94. Don't stifle children's feelings, let them experience them.
95. Let your child experience the basic feelings of grief, envy, anger, fear, and love in their own time in a healthy way so that they can control and use them healthily later in life.
96. Education
97. "Give your children as unlimited a feeling as you can."
98. "And why don't you let them learn logic, critical thinking, problem-solving, and creativity to apply their own insights and deepest inner knowledge? Why should they instead learn the rules, rigid systems, and conclusions of a society that has already proven completely incapable of evolving with these methods but continues to apply them."
99. "Teach ideas, not subjects."
100. "Design a new Core Curriculum around the following three Basic Ideas is based on: KNOWLEDGE, HONOR, RESPONSIBILITY. "
101. Possible subjects
102. "What is Power?"
103. "Peaceful conflict resolution."
104. "The basics of loving relationships."
105. "Personality awareness and self-realization."
106. "The function of body, mind, and soul."
107. "Creative practices."
108. "Celebrating the Self, honoring others."
109. "Joyful sexual self-expression."
110. "Honesty."
111. "Tolerance."
112. "Differences and similarities."
113. "Visibility and transparency."
114. "Science and spirituality."
115. Marriage
116. The soul is God.
117. The soul is life.
118. The soul is unlimited.
119. The soul is eternal.
120. The soul is free.
121. The soul wants to give love and it wants to receive love.
122. The soul wants to love everyone.
123. When one limits one’s deepest love to only one other person, one limits oneself, denies oneself, commits blasphemy.
124. Every love between two people is unique and unrepeatable.
125. The child behaves naturally when he runs naked, hugs everyone and doesn’t think about it.
126. Adults stop living everyone’s love naturally because of social expectations.
127. In societies where everyone has the knowledge and experience of being One, there is no marriage.
128. Inner peace
129. In the state of Inner Peace, man is able to experience all events in the purest, easiest, and most tolerable way.
130. In the state of Inner Peace, man is aware of his Divine existence.
131. In the state of Inner Peace, one loves everything that happens to him.
132. In the state of Inner Peace, one does not seek happiness but lives in it.